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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Not Just A Stylist

     I have to remind myself sometimes, that I am an Image Consultant. Not a stylist. Not a makeup artist. Not a Personal Shopper. Of course, I am all those things, but more importantly, I am an all encompassing Image Consultant. That means everything to do with image. If you suffer social anxiety, or don't know how to interview, or have low self esteem- those are all things that someone like me can help with. Sometimes my job is dark. There are times that in order to lift someone from the darkness of their own shame, you have to share your own.

     I believe living a life of transparency will help all avenues of your image. Be willing to share your own experiences with others; your failures, your awkward moments, and your successes. Guess what? If you're human, you've had an experience that lands in one of those 3 categories. When I share an experience on how I got through something, I have opened the door to relate to one more person. We are not so unique that others have not gone through what we have.

     Yes, there will always be a time for boundaries, but that's not what I'm talking about. If someone confides in you- please don't miss that opportunity to share. If I'm going through a hard time, I do not need to hear about the million things going right in your life. Please reach out and tell me if you've experienced something similar, even if we haven't gone through the same things, I can learn from you and your outlook. 



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