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Monday, October 23, 2017

New Studio!

     I have revamped my in home studio, using the amazing Impressions Vanity. It turned out better than I imagined, and I wanted to share my outcome with you. I received my order in pieces, much like IKEA, I had to assemble every component. By "I", I mean my amazing husband did a lot of the brunt work.

     As you can see, it was an intense project.

     As you can imagine, I felt very accomplished once so many seemingly random pieces began to form actual functional drawers!

     My cat Phyllis claimed the boxes (with product still inside) as her own, many times throughout assembly.

     It looked so beautiful, and I couldn't believe that we did that! With proper instruction, and all the necessary materials, of course, but still! I'm not handy at all, so this was a big deal.

     My amazing husband putting on the final touch- the item that gives this vanity all its glory; the lighted mirror.

     I had several mishaps with the wrong rug being delivered, but finally put everything together the way I truly wanted it.

     I might update this post with new pictures once I fill the vanity with all the makeup and color analysis material. It's going to look so great with everything on display. I highly recommend Impressions Vanity. impressionsvanity.com