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Wednesday, September 27, 2017


     I get a lot of questions on how someone can change. People who use my services typically want to change more than their wardrobe or personal style. I often get, "I need a complete overhaul! I want to be a new person."

     Let me offer a bit of advice: Change your wardrobe or personal style, but use it to enhance who you already are. You're more unique than you might think. The world needs your insights and personality. No one else can offer what you can give. Only you are you. Embrace it. 

      I used to wish I could take things more seriously. I wished I could be a more focused individual like so many of my friends. I would get so frustrated, because no matter how much I tried to be the kind of person who organized everything, or worked on being more detail oriented, I would not only fall further behind in those categories, but then I would feel worse about myself.

      John C. Maxwell has a lot to say about working within your strengths and not focusing time and energy working on your weaknesses. Take that however you will, I mostly agree, of course. When I work on my weaknesses, I personally find that I lose some of my light. I am in general, fairly silly, outgoing and let's be totally honest; weird. If I am working in all the wrong areas, I no longer connect. I'm good at connecting with people. I love it. I thrive in a crowd. I was draining my own energy that I could be giving the world. 

     Think about the various compliments you get in your life; whether it be from co-workers, close friends or family, even complete strangers. I'm guessing whatever those compliments are on are your strengths. Things you do well, and could probably do in your sleep, so to speak. 

     I find that I am more productive when I am focusing on those things. I get more compliments on my silly weirdness than I ever will on my time management skills- though those are useful skills one can have. "I wish I could be more playful like you and still get things done. I don't know how you do that!" Is usually met with, "I don't know how you can be so organized and have so many different projects at once that you actually finish!"

      There's only one you. Yes, we need skills like organization, and time management. Embracing your unique skills, personality and special abilities means you just don't put yourself down or beat yourself up when you drop the ball occasionally on whatever your weaknesses might be. Focus on what you do well. 

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