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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Year Of Fitness

     A lot of you have been asking about my personal goal of making it an entire year of working out 3 times a week. I apologize for the delay. I hit the one year mark in April, and have kept going.

     There were days when I just did not feel like it. There were days I wish I hadn't. There were so many set backs, it's unreal. I had a car accident that required new modifications on what kind of exercise and how much, etc.

     I only missed two workouts in a year. One due to getting the flu, and the other right after a car accident. I haven't stuck with something for that long, ever. I realized that I can stay committed to a goal. I'm so much stronger than I have given myself credit for. I had set so many outrageous limits on myself. I said so many times, "I can't do this, while so sick."

     I started this fitness journey mainly because I have Crohn's Disease and fellow sufferers told me that regular exercise was life changing for their energy levels, joint problems, and mood. I'm going to be honest... I didn't experience any changes in any of those areas, which made it extra challenging to keep going. However, I did change in other ways; new muscles became more visible, my attitude changed for the better, I became more disciplined, and gained endurance. While those are not the things I started for, or hoped for- I certainly cannot complain about them.

     What's next? I continue! I keep learning new things about my body- what it responds well to, what it does not, new dietary restrictions and exercise modifications for optimum results. I find that I am doing this more for me and not my disease anymore, which takes a lot of pressure off. I'm grateful for those of you that held me accountable, spurred me on, and challenged me. Thank you for being my cheerleaders, and I hope I can return the favor.

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